Overview of Services

* KET is the only statewide broadcast medium in Kentucky, connecting the Commonwealth and reaching 3.5 million households in 8 states.

* More than a million adults and children watch and use KET services each week.

* KET is Kentucky’s most accessible and comprehensive educational institution. Our educational services are a leading example of how statewide public television can work with education systems to improve teachers’ skills and students’ learning.

* More than 880,000 viewers watch one or more of KET’s broadcast services every week. More than 34,000 donors provide loyal private support toward advancing KET’s mission.

* KET DataCast allows local, state, and federal agencies to distribute information via broadcast to entities such as schools, health departments, and emergency operations centers, without depending on Internet connections and the associated bandwidth and traffic issues.

Educating Kentuckians

* Kentuckians can explore learning opportunities through the wide variety of programs offered by KET. Our educational services meet the needs of all ages, from preschoolers to college students, as well as adults who want to earn their GEDs. • Details »

Kentucky Productions

* KET produces hundreds of hours of original programming each year, exploring issues of the day through a variety of public affairs programming and celebrating the state’s history and culture with arts programming and documentaries. • Details »