Educating Kentuckians

* KET’s top-notch P-12 resources are used by 97 percent of Kentucky schools. All KET classroom resources—including KET EncycloMedia, KET ED, and the Arts Toolkits—are aligned to Kentucky academic standards. Teachers report that these resources are having a direct impact in raising students’ test scores.

* KET EncycloMedia provides more than 46,000 teachers and pre-service teachers with a comprehensive online multimedia learning service. Aligned to state standards, it offers thousands of downloadable/streamable videos, photos, clip art, quizzes and lesson plans, an interactive atlas, a “this day in history” calendar, and many other resources.

* The KET Arts Toolkits, an award-winning multimedia project, provide high-quality videos, lesson plans, and other resources in dance, drama, visual arts, and music, all aligned to state standards and designed to help teachers integrate the arts into the classroom experience. It is the result of an innovative collaboration between Kentucky’s arts and education communities and has expanded student experiences and engagement in the arts, boosted teacher preparedness, and improved test scores.

* Exciting changes are happening at KET to expand your options in using KET ED, your source for KET’s wide range of educational programs. KET has launched KET ED On Demand, an online service providing you with access to most of KET’s instructional series and resources. Block feeds of K-12 instructional programs will also be broadcast overnight on KET KY, Monday through Friday. Learn more about these and other ways to access KET’s educational resources.

* KET’s GED Connection series and workplace skills study tools are educating adults in Kentucky and across the country. The series are offered via broadcast and DVD distribution, and Kentucky was the first state to offer GED Connection free via video-on-demand (VOD) to digital cable subscribers. KET is a national leader in adult education and lifelong learning. Planning is under way for the creation of a new two-phase, multimedia, multi-platform system to help adult learners prepare for the 2012 GED exam, and to help lower-level learners develop skills they need before beginning GED-level study. More than a million adults worldwide have earned GEDs using KET materials, and more than 20,000 of those adults are Kentuckians.

* KET’s Be Well Kentucky initiative aims to inspire a culture shift in health attitudes and practices among Kentuckians. Through an array of outreach activities, on-air programs, and online media, KET is addressing the state’s health problems by spotlighting major health issues and offering practical solutions.

* KET Distance Learning provides Kentucky students with equitable access to high-quality classes in humanities, Latin, German, and physics—including AP® Latin Literature and AP® Physics B—subjects that are often problematic for schools due to a shortage of qualified teachers and/or small class sizes.

* KET Professional Development partners with the Kentucky Department of Education and other educational institutions to provide outstanding training materials for teachers. Recent collaborations include multimedia resources that use authentic classroom video to illustrate effective literacy strategies.

* KET cares for Kentucky’s kids through early childhood education. In addition to broadcasting high-quality educational PBS Kids programming, KET offers services that include educational resources and credentialed training for the adults who parent, teach, and care for children in Kentucky. KET continues to create positive outcomes for Kentucky’s young children by serving thousands of adults with early childhood initiatives each year.