Our Future

As we stand poised to fulfill the promise of the digital age, KET looks to a future which takes full advantage of new technologies to continue the vision of Len Press and others who created and expanded Kentucky Educational Television.

"In 2010 and beyond, we face great opportunities for service — such as the new GED project and supporting the implementation of Senate Bill 1 — as well as potential challenges with the state budget forecast. KET's commitment to providing the programs and services that teachers, students, viewers, and supporters need remains constant," said KET Executive Director, Shae Hopkins.

Our long-term partnership with the state Department of Education continues to make an impact on student achievement, and we’re always looking for new ways to deliver content. For example, addressing students’ needs in science, technology, engineering, and math, KET recently launched Scale City, a site devoted to the mathematics of scale/proportional reasoning.

KET is in the preliminary stages of designing an all-new GED preparation series, the network’s fourth such series. Each new installment has been produced in conjunction with an update of the GED exam. Nearly 1 million adults in Kentucky do not have a high-school diploma or equivalency.

A New Era of Production

KET now broadcasts 24/7 in HD, as well as two standard definition channels, from a cutting-edge production facility at its network center in Lexington.

With an end-to-end, digital file-based workflow, KET houses one of the nation’s most innovative educational television production facilities, made possible by funding from state appropriations.

Kentuckians can count on KET to expand its array of local content online with more streaming video, as well as more opportunities for deeper interaction and exploration of program topics.

New programs, deeply rooted in the history and heritage of Kentucky, remain a priority at KET. Premiering in March, 2010, Thoroughbred, is the first high-definition, full-length documentary which focuses on the Thoroughbred horse industry.

Local programs, designed with community needs in mind, are now produced in HD. Kentucky-focused magazine and arts programs remain a reflection of our common bonds, while KET’s deep slate of public-affairs programming continues to explore the ideas and people that keep our state vital.

"We at KET are looking forward to another fruitful year of serving students, teachers and home viewers, of broadening horizons and helping everyone explore Kentucky and the world. Iím confident that with a shared commitment to our mission, KET will continue to strengthen the commonwealth and become even more essential to and valued by Kentuckians," said Hopkins.