New Work from Regional Theater

American Shorts Presents: Poof!

American Shorts: Poof!

A battered woman’s wish to be rid of her abusive husband comes true in startling fashion, leaving her a pile of ashes on her kitchen floor. But what, exactly, has happened? And should she use this new-found “power,” whatever it is, to rid a friend of her own abuser? Lynn Nottage, a member of a new generation of women playwrights of color who are making their voices heard in American theater, uses a darkly comic story to explore the terrible reality of domestic violence. Rosie Perez and Viola Davis star.

American Shorts Presents: The Ryan Interview

American Shorts: The Ryan Interview

A young reporter interviews a 100-year-old man, expecting to dash off a quick “fluff” piece, but discovers that there’s much of substance in this collector of junk—and stories—from the past. Ashley Judd and Eddie Bracken star in a play about the intersection of past and present by a playwright who is himself both timeless and timely: Arthur Miller.