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American Shorts: POOF!

A Powerful Condemnation of Domestic Violence

What If an Abused Wife Could Actually Send Her Husband to Hell?

Best described as a drama with comic elements, Poof! deals with domestic violence, offering a new perspective on a serious subject. The play, by Lynn Nottage, stars Rosie Perez as Loureen, a woman tormented by her abusive husband. Loureen lives in fear until the day she finds the courage to voice her anger. The companion documentary, A Voice to Be Reckoned With, explores the emerging voice of contemporary African-American female playwrights.

Domestic Violence

This section presents an overview of the issue confronted by the play; includes a discussion guide that outlines how Poof! can be used as a catalyst for discussion about domestic violence, offers tips on how to structure a discussion session, and provides streaming video of the clips from the play that can help stimulate the discussion as well as the complete domestic abuse call-in program; and provides essential information on where to go for help, both nationally and in Kentucky.

Black Women Playwrights

The Black Women Playwrights section of this web site includes a history that traces the emergence of the African-American woman's voice in American theater, interviews with the five playwrights featured in the documentary, A Voice to Be Reckoned With, and teacher resources containing background information and classroom discussion questions.