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Homeland Security Programs from KET

In November 2002—just one day after the U.S. Senate approved a bill to create a new federal Department of Homeland Security—the Kentucky Governor’s Office and the Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center convened the Governor’s Executive Summit on Homeland Security in Owensboro. The conference brought together national and state officials to address the importance of federal, state, and local efforts to protect our homeland in the wake of the September 2001 terrorist attack.

KET has produced two hour-long programs from the summit meeting: a panel discussion focusing on Kentucky issues and a summary program of highlights from the conference. Those programs are now available online in RealVideo®.

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  • Homeland Security in Kentucky: Living in Uncertain Times
    KET’s Bill Goodman hosts a panel discussion on issues related to homeland security with Kentucky experts and policy makers in the fields of health, government, the military, economics, and agriculture.

  • Homeland Security: Living in a Changed World
    Excerpts from summit meeting presentations and discussions address topics in technology, health care, the economy, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, military preparedness, civic engagement, and government at every level.

KET’s Homeland Security programs were produced by Renee Shaw and directed by Carl Babcock.