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Dynasty Timeline
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China Date World
Neolithic Period
Chinese cultivate silkworms
2600 BC Construction of Cheops Pyramid in Egypt
Shang Dynasty, 1600-1027 BC 1200 BC Aztec Pyramids
Trojan War
Zhou Dynasty, 1027-221 BC 753 BC
600-200 BC
469-399 BC
427-347 BC
336-323 BC
Founding of Rome
Greek civilization
Alexander the Great conquers Egypt
Qin Dynasty, 221-206 BC
China unified for first time

Han Dynasty, 206 BC-220 AD
Invention of paper 150 BC
Silk Road opened 139 BC
Great Wall completed 241 AD
Invention of compass 271 AD
49-44 BC
47-30 BC
79 AD
476 AD
560 AD
Julius Caesar
Reign of Cleopatra
Vesuvius buries Pompeii
Fall of the Roman Empire
Peak of Mayan civilization
Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD
Tea cultivation, porcelain developed
1096-1099 AD First Crusade
Song Dynasty, 960-1279 AD
Gunpowder invented
Genghis Khan 1206-1264 AD

Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368 AD 1275-1292 AD Marco Polo's journey to China
Ming Dynasty, 1368-1544 AD 1492 AD Columbus discovers New World
Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 AD 1776 AD U.S. Declaration of Independence
Chinese Republic founded 1911 AD
People's Republic of China founded 1949 AD

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