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Imperial China: The Art of the Horse, produced and directed for KET by Michael Breeding of Americana Productions, captures the dazzling beauty and remarkable craftsmanship of some of the most spectacular of the objects included in the International Museum of the Horse exhibit—many of which are considered national treasures and had never before been seen outside of China. The 30-minute video is also a journey through Chinese history, as these artifacts of more than 3,000 years of civilization trace the ever-evolving relationship between humans and horses and the ebb and flow of China’s imperial dynasties.

Through intimate, close-up cinematography, you’ll see how objects both large and small—from simple bronze ornaments to life-size men and horses from the famous terra-cotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang—illuminate historical and technological advances as well as the artistic, religious, and social strivings of the people who made them.

The program is available on videotape from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail KET Tape Duplication for more information.

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