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Ruben Moreno


Program 4: GeoVistas
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My personal need to express myself about life experiences has taken me through many art forms -- from objective to non-objective, two dimensional and three dimensional styles of art. All of these have commonality.

One of these is the metaphoric quality found in visual expression. In the Art On-Air Geo-Vista project similarities can be found between the inside and outside images such as a bird's nest and the bed I sleep in. These are two separate images. When you join the shapes and try to figure out how the shapes might fit together as sculpture, you discover their similarities -- such as how a bed is like a nest and how a bird's nest is like a bed -- these are the metaphors that make art come alive.

There is a sense of magic that can occur through visual understanding. You take images, geometric shapes and the element of chance in assembling a sculpture, mix them together and then something special happens -- an idea that is like gold.

For me, one of the best parts of life is sharing with others who are also seekers on the road to self discovery. As a teacher I develop relationships by sharing ideas. I try to keep myself open to the elements of chance that can occur with my students. I try to share with them the neurological alchemy of discovery.
This piece is one of a number I am making that deal with the history of the buffalo trace in Kentucky. I was trying to get the feeling of an old photographic negative and capture the rough surface of the old rock cliffs in Kentucky. For me -- the piece has the quality of a relief painting found in a cave, created and left there by an earlier civilization.

This work is 3 ft. x 4 ft. and has a three-dimensional surface made up of Portland cement. I have developed my black on black image using charcoal and graphite. What you see as lighter areas are actually the shine from the graphite.

Ruben Moreno, artist
Graphite and Concrete artwork
Indian Creek ©1995 Ruben Moreno
Graphite and Concrete cement, 40" x 50"

Graphite and Concrete artwork
Grid for Uneven Surface ©1995 Ruben Moreno
Graphite and Concrete cement, 4' x 6'

RUBEN MORENO has conducted residencies across Kentucky. His areas of expertise include art instruction, teacher training, drawing and painting, photography, and video production. He has taught at the University of Louisville and Maysville Community College and also has served on the Governor's School for the Arts faculty every summer since 1992. Ruben has exhibited his art works at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington; at the Field Gallery in Cincinnati; at Maysville Community College; and at Villa Madonna Academy in Villa Hills. He has a BFA in painting and sculpture from the University of South Alabama and an MFA in painting and cinema from the University of Cincinnati.

Teacher's Guide for Geo-Vistas
Teacher's Guide for Zoetropes

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Ruben Moreno
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