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Teacher's Guide for Moving Lines
Teacher's Guide for Turning Everyday Objects Into Art (assemblage)

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Alice H. Noel


Program 2: Moving Lines
Program 8: Assemblage

The work I do as a mixed media sculptor involves much of the same processes you would use to solve any other sort of problem. I first get an idea for what I might like to illustrate with a piece of artwork. I then begin to think about images or objects we see in our everyday lives that have to do with this idea. More specifically though--and this is the important part -- I try to look inside myself and see what images I personally relate with the idea I am trying to illustrate in my work.

These images, that come from my own wealth of memories and experiences, are the ones I will use for the art piece. At every step in the process I go back to that basic concept to make sure I am consistently staying with the original line of thought. This is very important because I want my message to be consistent and clear, at least to myself. During this process of looking for the items I will use in the piece, I choose objects that not only represent the idea that I am trying to convey, but also the attitudes I have about this idea. My choice of colors, textures and the physical arrangement of items conveys this.
Even with all this deliberate effort on my part as an artist, there will be many people who don't "get it." That's fine. Often a person viewing a work will be able to draw conclusions for themselves about what the piece of work is "saying" to them individually. I have found that these revelations by observers can often bring to my attention very interesting ideas projected by the work that I never realized.

When a person views my artwork and has strong feelings toward it or against it I feel like I have been successful as an artist.

Alice Noel, artist
Alice Noel talking with students.
Alice Noel talking with students.
Alice Noel with students
Alice Noel shares art with students.

ALICE NOEL has conducted residencies at a number of western Kentucky schools. In the past few years, she has exhibited her own work in Louisville, Bowling Green, Nashville, and Chicago. Her artistic focus is mixed media sculptures involving interactive elements of motion and light, sculptures that reflect her West Tennessee background. Alice has a B.F.A. from Murray State University with a dual concentration in painting and sculpture and a K-12 art education certification. In Art On-Air, Alice teaches students the exciting process of gestural drawing (program 2) and shows them how to create a "me-box" (program 8).

Teacher's Guide for Moving Lines
Teacher's Guide for Turning Everyday Objects Into Art (assemblage)

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Alice H. Noel
Visual artist and teacher
Contact her through the Kentucky Arts Council
(502) 564-3757

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951

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