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Teacher's Guide for Drawing Animals (Realistic Drawing)

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Rex Robinson


Program 7: Drawing Animals
(Realistic Drawing)

My artwork is generally called technical/ realism, which means it is inspired by a personal experience with the real subject. My drawings are a heartfelt expression of how the experience made me feel. When I draw the subject, I try to clarify or emphasize those feelings. I enjoy a variety of subjects within a series of portfolios grouped as Biblical truths, Native American life, and Kentucky. I am also interested in subjects relating to the American South, especially southern history, and their meaning in contemporary life.

Rex Robinson, artist

REX ROBINSON has over 25 years of workshop/demonstration experience including several years conducting residencies in Kentucky schools. Rex has shown his work in over 30 solo and group exhibits across the country and has many of his works included in corporate, private, and museum collections. Although he works in a variety of media and subjects, he mainly works in aqua-media. He has also completed murals which can be seen on buildings in Owensboro, Daviess County, Louisville, and Grayson County. He maintains a studio/farm near Philpot, Kentucky. Rex earned a B.A. in art education from Kentucky Wesleyan College and continues to work toward a graduate degree at Western Kentucky University. In Art On-Air, Rex shares a three-step process which should enable children to draw just about anything.

"Pigs Possin'" - pigs with farmer painting    Native American painting    "Scrub Down" - horse grooming painting   

Teacher's Guide for Drawing Animals (Realistic Drawing)

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