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Art Resources

Art Museums on the Internet

Art Organizations and Networks
  • The Association for the Advancement of Arts Education (Greater Cincinnati) seeks to foster working relationships with and among educators, arts professionals, and community members; create an arts education clearinghouse; provide inservice training for educators in the development of arts curricula; and develop assessment procedures.

  • Open Studio: The Arts Online is a laboratory for the exploration of the tools and techniques that will serve arts and cultural organizations as they prepare for the networked environment of the new century.

  • Internet for the Fine Arts is a comprehensive network of artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts. If you have an interest in the fine arts, be sure to explore this site.

  • Exploring Leonardo offers resources for learning about Leonardo da Vinci, one of the best known, yet least known, characters in world history. Explore this site and learn about this fascinating scientist, inventor, and artist.

Arts Opportunities
  • Art Deadlines is a list of competitions, contests, calls for entries/papers, grants, scholarships, fellowships, jobs, internships, etc. in the arts or related areas (painting, drawing, animation, poetry, writing, sculpture, multimedia, reporting/journalism, cartooning, photography, video, film, music, dance, and more), some of which offer prizes worth thousands of dollars. It is international in scope and includes contests and competitions for students from kindergarten to college. Some events/items take place on the Internet. You are invited to submit items.

  • Arts Education and School Improvement Resources for Local and State Leaders outlines U.S. Department of Education programs that can be used to support improvements in arts education and overall student performance.

Arts Education Professional Organizations

More Art Resources for Teachers
  • The KET productions Ellis Wilson—So Much To Paint and Looking at Painting both profile Kentucky artists. Ellis Wilson was an African-American painter from Mayfield who worked in New York, where he was part of the Harlem Renaissance. In Looking at Painting, 14 accomplished Kentucky painters talk about their inspirations, techniques, and creative processes. Each web site has a gallery of works, biographical information on the featured artist or artists, lesson plans, and other classroom resources.

  • The World Wide Arts Resource is an extensive database on a variety of art-related subjects. You’ll find links to art schools and artists as well as commercial art, dance, theater, film, literature, antiques, and crafts resources. You can search by title or by subject.

  • Connections+ has links to dance, music, theater, and visual arts sites on the Internet.

  • Gestural Drawing and the European Vanguard, which accompanied a 1995 exhibit at Wellesley College, is a good follow-up for the Art On-Air lesson by Alice Noel on gestural drawing (Program 2, Moving Lines).

  • ArtsEdge at the Kennedy Center contains a Curriculum Studio section with curriculum examples, assessment instruments, and lists of goals and standards.

  • The Incredible Art Dept. Website includes lesson plans for elementary, junior high/middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

  • Kids Web: A WWW Digital Library for Kids contains links to numerous art, drama, literature, and music resources.

  • Crayola products are based on the principle that making art is integral to kids’ development. This site has a searchable portfolio of projects and ideas, suitable for both classroom teachers and art specialists, and numerous other activities.

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