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Spring 2008: a preview of the Dance 2nd Edition toolkit, an inspiring story of how some high school students used Art to Heart to share their love of the arts with younger kids, and a classroom lesson on still life painting inspired by Kentucky Muse.


KET’s ArtSource is your guide to classroom resources in the arts. Each edition includes information about KET arts resources such as the Arts Toolkits, Art to Heart, and other KET and PBS arts series and programs. Better yet, each edition also spotlights Kentucky teachers who have used these resources and have advice and ideas to share.

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Have a story to share? We’re also looking for teachers who have found that KET arts resources have made a difference in their classrooms or schools. If you’d like to share your story, e-mail .

Previous Issues

Fall 2007
One teacher’s story: Arts Toolkits to the rescue • A preview of Music Arts Toolkit features • Should a literature toolkit be next? • KET Distance Learning Humanities on DVD

Winter 2007
Introducing Art to Heart • Arts Toolkit “call-ins” in a school news program • A classroom project on Appalachian artists and more • Your guide to the revamped Arts Toolkit web site