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Reel Visions:
Spotlight on Kentucky Filmmakers

Reel Visions is a KET series of half-hour programs featuring short films produced, directed, written, or edited by Kentucky filmmakers. Series producers are Sara O'Keefe, Allison NeCamp, and Clark Bradshaw; executive producer is Teresa Day.

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This KET series, Reel Visions, showcases short films by Kentucky filmmakers. Most episodes feature a group of films. The following groupings represent episodes in the Reel Visions series.

#127 Films by Max Moore and Evan Sennett
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Max Moore’s Check Out Line is the story of procrastination and infatuation; Writing the Big One by Evan Sennett is a classic detective story in modern times.

#126 Films by Nathaniel Winckler, Max Moore, Evan Sennett, and Candace Wade
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Charged by Nathaniel Winckler is a short animation featuring a distressed bee trying to save a friend; Max Moore’s short Red Box illustrates that maybe love is more than just watching movies; Bongo by Evan Sennett is a silent love story between two unlikely people. This episode concludes with Candace by Candace Wade about a girl lost in thoughts of silent film star Wallace Reid.

#125 Films from Louisville's 48 Hour Film Project
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Selections from Louisville's 48 Hour Film Project include Unsupervised, a police chase film with a twist ending; Death Boundary Specialists, a comedy featuring a strange chalk outline artist; The People You Meet, a silent film about a politician who meets an interesting woman; and Murder Chase, a thriller in which an affair goes terribly wrong.

#124 Films from Louisville's 48 Hour Film Project
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Selections from Louisville's 48 Hour Film Project include Patience, Detective, about a quirky detective/cleaning woman who is working on a missing persons case; Pinheads, a romance that centers around a town where pinball is banned; and 7 Minutes to Roswell, a sci-fi film where local citizens who are experiencing strange occurrences go to the mayor for answers.

#123 Films By Steven Middleton
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Tobaccolachia, by Steven Middleton, documents the current state of tobacco farming in Eastern Kentucky. This edition of Reel Visions also features a short titled Skipping Fish Boat School by Stephen Kertis. The Louisville school teaches students of all ages how to build boats.

#122 Films By Thom Southerland
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Thom Southerland’s film Last Glimpse explores the idea of the supernatural and the dynamics of family relationships. A video by Michael Molloy called CJIII is also on this episode of Reel Visions. His short is an art installation that illustrates his feelings about a close friend being sent to Iraq.

#121 Films By Appalachian Media Institute (AMI)
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This episode of Reel Visions features films created by the Appalachian Media Institute (AMI). Founded by Appalshop, AMI is a media training program for central Appalachian youth. The first film in the program, Missing Generation, is about children being raised by their grandparents; it was produced by Dillon Fisher, Candace Hughes, and Olivia Sizemore. Also featured is Up in Coots Hollow about a family who has shared the same plot of land for generations; it was produced by Cory Coots, AJ Hamilton, and Sarah Kadish. The last film in this episode was produced by Natalie Baxter, an established Eastern Kentucky filmmaker and mentor in the AMI project. Her video Carrie Jean Wells is a biopic of the fiddle player and Eastern Kentucky native.

#120 Films By Josh Flowers and Kip McGinnis
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Josh Flowers, a filmmaker from Fort Mitchell, Ky., produced Bubbly. Two extremely negative people are invited to a birthday party, which they both reluctantly agree to attend. Once at the party, annoyed by everyone else's "bubbly" behavior, they find that they are meant for each other. Also featured is a biographical film produced by Kip McGinnis, highlighting artist Bettye Brookfield from Kentucky's Saint Catherine College.

#119 Films By Thom Sutherland, Justin Hannah, Travis Taylor, and Ashlee Prewitt
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Central Kentucky filmmaker Thom Sutherland's film Fourteen is about a 14-year-old girl who spends Thanksgiving dealing with the eccentricities of her family and the challenges of her new-found beliefs. Also featured is Do it Yourself, produced by Justin Hannah and Travis Taylor, and Decadence by Northern Kentucky University student Ashlee Prewitt.

Episode #117 Bellewood Youth Film Festival
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Bellewood Youth Film Festival is featured in this episode. All the films are made by students ages 12-18. Students were required to incorporate an assigned theme and use a specific word and object in their film. The films featured from last year's festival are Definition of Grit, Steps to Successes, The Cul De Sac Kid, Game Set Match, and Everyday Heroes. Also featured is RE:AL, a film about the power of mentoring produced by Chris Sweigart, a former Bellewood employee.

#116 Films by Kris Rommel, Thom Southerland, and Natalie Baxter
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In Balance, a film by Louisville filmmaker Kris Rommel, two men find themselves trapped in a mysterious room where they reflect upon their lives. Also featured: Holidays by Thom Southerland and Middle Ground by Natalie Baxter. A 2011 KET production.

#115 Living Lightly by Robin Burke
Robin Burke's film Living Lightly documents a family in New Brunswick, Canada, and their simple life that revolves around hard work and the love of their land. A 2011 KET production.

#114 Films by Natalie Baxter, J. Gray, and Kris Rommel
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Kingdom Come Stir Off by Natalie Baxter documents the traditional art of making sorghum, from the cutting of the canes to the finished product. Also featured: Cambodia by J. Gray, and Book Bindings Part Deux and Last Winter by Kris Rommel. A 2011 KET production.

#113 Films by Steve Middleton, and Robert Beatty
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Steve Middleton's film Zen Furnace allows us a glimpse into the seldom seen Furnace Mountain Zen Retreat Center located in the Red River Gorge area of Eastern Kentucky. Also featuring The Appearants by Robert Beatty. A 2011 KET production.

#112 -- Films by David Meyers, Ben Burke, Natalie Baxter, and Peter Cook
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David Meyers' film, Wood Diary, is about Walker Woods, a man who attended high school with Meyers many years ago. Woods was found deceased at his home by a neighbor. Woods was discovered along with a house full of masterful wood and metal carvings that he had created over the course of his lifetime. Wood Diary is an interpretation of the lasts days of Woods' solitary and artistic life. Other films include: Four Years Later by Ben Burke, Fried Apple Pies by Natalie Baxter, and Within by Peter Cook. A 2010 KET production.

#111 -- The Poster by Evan Peters
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The Poster by Evan Peters is a Science Fiction short-film tribute to The Twilight Zone. The main character, Anthony is a quiet comic book nerd living alone, trying to keep to himself. Everyone he knows picks on him except for his one friend from school, Mary Sue. One day Anthony discovers a mysterious poster in the alley behind the comic book store where he works. As he is examining it, a hoodlum tries to steal his bike. This is the last straw, Anthony finally snaps. It seems the poster has granted him a power he thought existed only in his comics. A 2010 KET production.

#110 -- Films by Angela Shoemaker, C. Scott Shuffitt, Chad Stockfleth, Patti Parsons, and Jeremy Midkiff
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Reel Visions has collaborated with the Lexington Film League for this episode which features five films from their Doers Film Contest, highlighting people and organizations doing great things in their Kentucky communities. Films featured are A Place to Call Home by Angela Shoemaker, Me and This Bike by C. Scott Shuffitt, Lauren Argo-21C by Chad Stockfleth, The Braves by Patti Parsons, and Ronnie Reader by Jeremy Midkiff. A 2010 KET production.

#109 -- Coming Down the Mountain by Colin Spoelman
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Colin Spoelman is a filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., but was born and raised in Harlan, Ky. His film Coming Down the Mountain explores the prescription drug abuse epidemic in eastern Kentucky and follows a father and son as they cope with drug abuse and the isolation of rural Appalachia. A 2010 KET production.

#108 — Short films by Josh Flowers, Will Talbert, Kathryn Spivey, John Fitch, and Jen Edwards.
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Short films include: Exploded by Josh Flowers, Fullerene by Will Talbert, Poor Fortunates Act 1 by Kathryn Spivey, Dog te Ching by John Fitch, and Weekend at 3's by Jen Edwards.

#107 — Short films by Jeremy Midkiff, Tom Robinson, Josh Flowers, Les Holland and Devon Wallace, and J. Gray.
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Short films include: City Center Design Competition by Jeremy Midkiff; Experiments in the Revival of Organisms by Tom Robinson; Robot Love by Josh Flowers; Damon the Halfling, written by Les Holland and Devon Wallace, and animated by Kelli Burton, Andrew English, and Bryan Jackson; and Fuel by J. Gray.

#106 — Short films by Josh Flowers, Kathryn Spivey, William Talbert, and John Fitch.
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Short films include: Questionable Taste by Josh Flowers, Backwards Compatible by Kathryn Spivey, Metastasis by William Talbert, and The Library by John Fitch III.

#105 — Short films by Amy Trivinomo, Steve Middleton, Edward Franklin, and Nicholas Cartwright.
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Short films include: Milk and Honey by Amy Trivinomo; Fire in the Mountains by Steve Middleton; Un Hijo de Cualquier Madre es un Demonio by Edward Franklin; and Arcadian Carnage by Nicholas Cartwright.

#104 — Films by Bruce Parsons, Bonnie M. Duncan, Josh Flowers, Travis Jones, and Sarah Wylie Ammerman
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Appalachian native Bruce Parsons turns the camera lens on his own family in the heartbreaking mini-documentary titled I Know You. Other shorts include: Critical Timing by Bonnie M. Duncan, Heart by Josh Flowers, The 26th Step by Travis Jones, and Building by Sarah Wylie Ammerman.

#103 — Films by Bently Tittle, Sarah Wylie Ammerman, Bruce Parsons, and Clint Davis
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Kentucky-born and L.A.-based Bently Tittle's Brand New You tells the story of a man who experiences a "dark night of the soul" and comes face-to-face with his demons -- literally. Other shorts include: Wires and Birds by Sarah Wylie Ammerman, Varroa by Bruce Parsons, The Tie by John Fitch III; and The Sea is My Brother by Clint Davis.

#102 — Films by Josh Flowers, Bruce Parsons, Clint Davis, and Sarah Wylie Ammerman
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In Fast Love Award-winning Kentucky filmmaker Josh Flowers visits various fast food drive-thrus with a video camera to pose a very important question to total strangers. Other shorts include: Drawing Between the Lines by Bruce Parsons, Unquiet by Clint Davis, and Spread by Sarah Wylie Ammerman.

#101 — Films by Bill Santen, Travis Jones, Josh Flowers, and Brad McCombs
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Based on stories told to him by his grandmother about life in rural Bourbon County, Kentucky filmmaker Bill Santen takes an innovative approach to storytelling in Portrait Studies. Other shorts include: Dog Days by Travis Jones, Still Life by Josh Flowers, and TA Tundra by Brad McCombs.