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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance

Special Features

Learn more about various facets of dance while exploring these features and links for students and teachers. And be sure to check back from time to time to see what's new.

Kentuckians in Dance

Meet Kentuckians who work in a variety of dance-related occupations and find out why, when, and how they do what they do. Use this feature with students to identify skills and training requirements and to inspire interest in dance, dance education, technical theater, and arts administration.


Learn more about KET's 10-part classroom series exploring the forms, elements, styles, and purposes of dance.

Dance Glossary

Our extensive online glossary will be helpful to anyone learning or teaching about dance. And primary teachers will find printable PDFs to help you build a vocabulary word wall in your classroom.

Dance Core Content 4.0 Cross-Reference

Correlate the materials in the Dance Arts Toolkit with version 4.0 of the Kentucky Dance Core Content.

This Day in the Arts

Find out what happened any day of the year in all the art forms.

Multi-Arts Tools

Be sure to visit this section for more tools for arts-based education, including ideas for some Fabulous Field Trips.

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