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Afro-Cuban Dance:
Warming Up to the Clave Rhythm Pattern



Katherine Kramer explains why dancers warm up their bodies, then leads a warm-up done to the 3-2 rhythm of the son clave. Concepts discussed include isolation of body parts, quarter notes, half notes, and clave rhythm. Participants use different body parts (head, arms, torso, etc.) to “play” various rhythms. Kramer discusses the Spanish and African influences on dances like the flamenco, in which dancers hold the torso erect while moving the hips and feet.

Suggested Uses:

  • Watch to build your own knowledge and understanding of Afro-Cuban dance and influence, or for ideas on how to teach the dance movements to your students.
  • Show to demonstrate and guide warm-up or movement activities with students.
  • Show in combination with African dance excerpts to compare and contrast.
  • Show with the flamenco example “Farruca” on the Dance Performances video/DVD to discuss Spanish and African influences.

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