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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Bluegrass Clogging



In the introduction, host David Thurmond tells how clogging came to America and how shoes with taps evolved. He tells students to note that the dancing emphasizes movements below the waist and to look for movements that resemble square dancing. In the performance, champion cloggers Stacy McWethy, Trevor DeWitt, Cirsty Corwin, and Zach Davis from the Kentucky Cloggers show off their skills to music by Hog Operation.

Suggested Uses:

  • As the focus of a student analysis of dance elements and theme (with Responding to Dance).
  • Compare to the other examples of percussive dance in the toolkit: “Farruca” and “Jamaica Funk” on Dance Performances and “Three Irish Dances” on the DanceSense Enhanced DVD.
  • To demonstrate percussive dance. (Show DanceSense Program 10.)
  • As part of a study of Appalachian culture.

For more information:

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See the History and Styles and Responding to Dance sections of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

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