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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

DanceSense Program 1: Understanding Dance



This exploration of what dance is—and isn’t—includes dance performances and interviews with dancers and choreographers. The program is divided into three segments. A segment on Movement compares dance to other forms of movement in nature and in sports. A segment on Choreography explains the role of the choreographer in the creation of a dance. And a segment on Culture introduces the three main categories of dance: artistic, ceremonial, and recreational.

Suggested Uses:

  • To build your own knowledge of dance.
  • To show to students as an introduction to dance, to begin a study unit on dance, before attending a dance performance, or as an overview of what dance is and why people dance.
  • To introduce movement activities in which students observe and copy movements from nature.

For more information:

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See the Dance and Culture and History and Styles sections of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

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