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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

DanceSense Program 3: Dance in America



This program examines American dance as a reflection of divergent and blended cultures. Segments focus on four important cultural influences. Native American Dance tells about the banning of Native dances, the tragic story of the Ghost Dance, and the revival of Native American dancing at contemporary powwows. European Dance discusses how immigrants brought dances such as the reel with them and how dance was a source of community in early America. African Dance is an introduction to African dance forms and how they were transformed when slaves were brought to America. Blending Cultures uses tap dance as an example of how the fusion of European and African dance forms has created social dance forms in America.

Suggested Uses:

  • To build your own knowledge of dance.
  • To introduce class discussions or student explorations of dance in America.
  • In conjunction with segments from the Dances from Many Cultures video/DVD, the African Root video/DVD, and/or Dance Performances video.
  • As additional background before learning an African, Native American, or Colonial dance and/or tap dances or steps.
  • As context to help students better understand, analyze, and respond to dance performances.

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See the Dance and Culture and History and Styles sections of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

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