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Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

DanceSense Program 7: Ballet



Four segments offer an overview of the history, vocabulary, and characteristics of ballet. Ballet Style provides a brief history and introduces terms. In Ballet Training, dancers explain how they train and rehearse to achieve the ability to convey ballet’s sense of weightlessness and grace. Ballet Innovators introduces important individuals such as George Balanchine and Mikhail Baryshnikov. And Watching Ballet offers ideas on how to understand and enjoy a ballet performance.

Suggested Uses:

  • To build your own knowledge of ballet.
  • To introduce class discussions or student research on ballet.
  • To prepare students to attend a live ballet performance.
  • Show with the segment “Arabian and Chinese Dances from The Nutcracker” on the Dance Performances video/DVD to have students discuss or analyze a ballet performance.
  • To show with the “Dance Vocabulary/Dance Positions” segment from Part IV of the DanceSense Enhanced DVD to compare ballet, modern, and jazz styles.
  • To show with the segment “Ballet: Helen Starr” on the DanceSense Enhanced DVD for an in-depth look at a ballet dancer.

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See the History and Styles section of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

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