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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Heat/Ode to Sabrina



In the introduction, host David Thurmond gives background on jazz dance and its connection to jazz music. He tells students to watch the two jazz dance excerpts for the way in which the choreographer uses space; specifically, how the male dancers in the first excerpt seem to be running but are actually staying in one place and, in the second excerpt, how the dancers create the illusion of zigzag lines. These two excerpts of jazz dance performances show a range of moods and movements. Both dances were choreographed by Hannah Stilwell and are performed by dancers with the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks company, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Suggested Uses:

  • As the focus of a student analysis of dance elements and theme (with Responding to Dance).
  • Compare the two excerpts to each other, or compare either to other dance performances in the toolkit.
  • To demonstrate characteristics of jazz dance. (Show with DanceSense Program 9, “Dance Vocabulary/Basic Positions” from the DanceSense Enhanced DVD, and/or “Jazz/Tap: Jazz Arts at Western Kentucky University” from the DanceSense Enhanced DVD.)
  • To show how choreographers and dancers convey feelings through movement.
  • Compare “Heat” to the modern dance “Hot” in terms of how the choreographer conveys a theme.
  • To analyze production elements.

For more information:

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See the History and Styles and Responding to Dance sections of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.


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