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Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Dance Traditions: Three Irish Dances



Dancers with the Carrigdhoun Comhaltas perform examples of three different Irish dances: a polka (“Balleydesmond,” 00:01:36), a jig (“Jenny Lind,” 00:02:43), and a reel (“Drowsy Maggie and Cooleys,” 00:02:23).

Suggested Uses:

  • Show in conjunction with DanceSense Program 3, “Dance in America,” and/or Program 10, “Tap and Percussive Dance.”
  • Show in conjunction with the “Kentucky Clogging” segment and tap segment “Jamaica Funk” from the Dance Performances video/DVD to compare a variety of percussive dances.
  • As part of a study of Irish culture.
  • Compare with African dances and analyze what tap borrows from African tradition.

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