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Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Lucky Day



In the introduction, host David Thurmond gives background on modern dance and notes that “Lucky Day” is also a good example of the merging of art and athleticism. This modern dance, choreographed by Kelly Gottesman and performed by Marc Morizumi, expresses a feeling of elation through movement. The dancer is the character the Contrary from Kentuckian Daniel Dutton’s dance opera The Secret Commonwealth. The Contrary embodies a free spirit who mocks and rejects repression and conformity.

Suggested Uses:

  • As the focus of a student analysis of dance elements and theme (with Responding to Dance).
  • Compare to two other modern dance performances in the toolkit, “Hot” and “The Graveyard.”
  • To demonstrate characteristics of modern dance. (Show with DanceSense Program 8 and/or “Dance Vocabulary/Basic Positions” from the DanceSense Enhanced DVD.)
  • To show how choreographers and dancers convey feelings through movement.
  • Compare this “character dance” to the Arabian and Chinese dances from The Nutcracker.

For more information:

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See the Responding to Dance guide and the History and Styles section of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

About The Secret Commonwealth:


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