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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips




In this simple singing and mimicry game, children join hands and circle around a child in the center of the circle. The child in the center does a movement that the other children copy. Instructor Jennifer Rose Escobar of Berea explains the French and English origins of the game, then sings and dances “Punchinella” with a group of primary students.

Suggested Uses:

  • Watch the video for ideas on how to teach this traditional dance to your students.
  • Show the video to students to help them learn the dance or understand the cultural significance of the dance.
  • Show or use as an introduction to mimicry.
  • Show to compare dances of diverse cultures.
  • Show this segment with other circle dances from the toolkit (“Ciranda,” “Seven Jumps,” and “Little Johnny Brown”) and ask students to compare the dances.

For more information:

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See the Dance and Culture section of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.


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