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Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Upon a Summer’s Day



This six-person, three-couple longways set dance is similar to those danced in England in the early 1600s. The dance was still being danced in the Kentucky mountains in the early 1900s. Instructor Jennifer Rose Escobar of Berea teaches the dance’s three figures and chorus to a group of middle school students, including movements such as “forward-up-a-double,” a “set,” a “turn single,” “siding,” and “arming.” She also explains the role dance played in social interaction and courting during the Renaissance.

Suggested Uses:

  • Watch the video for ideas on how to teach this traditional dance.
  • Show the video to students to help them learn the dance or its cultural significance.
  • Show or teach the dance to enrich the classroom study of the Renaissance period.
  • Show to compare dance styles of diverse cultures and time periods.

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