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Arts Toolkit: Dance Video Clips

Zuni Harvest Dance



The Zuni, Pueblo Indians who live in the northwest part of New Mexico, traditionally mark the harvest with a lively and colorful celebration. In the video segment, instructor Arden Kucate gives background on the Zuni culture and the harvest celebration, explains the significance of Zuni boys being presented with gourd shakers, and teaches a group of middle school students two dances from the Zuni harvest celebration.

Suggested Uses:

  • Watch the video for ideas on how to teach this traditional dance.
  • Show the video to students to help them learn the dance or its cultural significance.
  • Show or teach the dance to enrich the classroom study of Native American culture. (The video segment “Powwow,” found on the DanceSense Enhanced DVD in the toolkit, is another example of Native American dance.)
  • Show to compare dance styles of diverse cultures.

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See the Dance and Culture section of the Dance Arts Toolkit binder.

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