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Arts Toolkit: Drama

Kentuckians in Theater

Actor David Jackson
Lexington, KY

David Jackson

Who David Jackson is 13 years old and in the 8th grade in Lexington, KY. He has acted professionally since he was 7 with Lexington Children’s Theatre and the Lexington Shakespeare Festival. For high school, Jackson will attend the School for the Creative and Performing Arts at Lexington’s Lafayette High School.

What “My job as an actor is to bring whatever character I’m playing to life.”

When/Where “I do two plays a year on average in Lexington, and I also take acting classes during the school year and go to acting summer camp in Lexington. When I’m in a play, I go to school all day, then after school I come home and get my homework done right away. Then I have rehearsal at 4:00 or 5:00, and that goes as late as 10:00 or 11:00 during tech rehearsals. Once we start performing, I have to miss school, because we perform during the day for other school kids. The run of a show is normally a week or two. My teachers give me a little while to make up my work. I’m a pretty good student, and I’ll ask my friends every day what I missed. It’s not too hard to catch up if you try.”

How “I have a pretty easy time memorizing the lines and the blocking. I think the hardest thing is to make every show as exciting as the one before it, or better. When you’re doing two shows a day for two weeks, it gets tiring and you have to remember the audience has never seen it.”

Why “It’s fun to pretend to be somebody else—to take a walk in somebody else’s shoes. When you’re in a play, you get to view the world from somebody else’s perspective. In 2003, I got to play the character Bradley Chalkers in There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom at Lexington Children’s Theatre. It was very fun to play a very loud character, kind of a bully. I’ve never gotten to be a bully. Bradley would say whatever he wanted to say to the teachers. He also had a soft side ... and it was fun to play with that transition. And it’s always fun to interact with the other actors on stage.”

Getting There “To be an actor you have to love to do it. It takes a lot of determination and a lot of effort, but the reward is so great, it’s worth it. The reward is the reaction from the audience and whatever effect you have on the people who see the play. It’s always fun to affect someone’s life.”

About the photo: Jackson is shown in a Lexington Children’s Theatre production of There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. Take our photographic Tour of the Theater, and you might catch another glimpse of him playing the role of Bradley in that production.

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