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Idea File:

In Their Own Words

Words like Freedom

Students research, write, and perform monologues from the point of view of an artist from a period in history.


Words Like Freedom

Teaching Concepts:

  • Researching and writing monologues increases knowledge of historical artists.
  • Performing is both a kinesthetic and an intellectual activity.
  • Making connections between the arts promotes intellectual growth.

Academic Content

  • Drama: creating and performing using elements of drama
  • Drama and Visual Arts: periods and styles (Renaissance, Impressionism, Realism)
  • World History: historical periods

Lesson Idea

Video: Show one or more examples of monologues, selecting from the “Words Like Freedom,” Hamlet, and “Drama Based on History: Gov. Edwin Morrow” excerpts.

  1. Students research visual artists from the Renaissance, Impressionism, or Realism periods of art history.
  2. Each student writes a two-minute monologue from the artist’s point of view, making sure to include information about the artist’s life and placing the character in his/her historical context.
  3. Students perform the monologues in class, school, or community settings.

Author: Mary Henson


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