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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

The Actor’s Technique



Shozo Sato describes Kabuki acting technique and the training the all-male performers go through in order to learn how to act male, female, young, and old. He demonstrates vocal inflections and actual movements—walking, how the head is held, poses—of various Kabuki characters, including the differences between male and female characters. He also demonstrates the transformation of a female character from her teens to her 30s.

Suggested Uses:

  • Analyze the functions and meanings of Kabuki vocalization and acting styles.
  • Identify and analyze elements of production and performance.
  • Introduce characteristics of Kabuki theater for students to identify and analyze, focusing on how diverse cultures, periods, and styles affect drama or how Kabuki is a reflection of Japanese culture and tradition.

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See the Kabuki in the Classroom guide in the Drama Arts Toolkit binder.


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