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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips




Written and performed by high school students, the ingenious one-act play Basics shows two teenagers exploring their complicated feelings about each other and the confusion they feel about a new development in their relationship. The video excerpt is from the KET professional development program PlayWRIGHTing: The Craft of Dramatic Writing. The 90-minute program, featuring Nancy Niles Sexton of Walden Theatre’s Young Playwrights Project, explores character and plot development and other aspects of scriptwriting, using as examples short plays written and performed by high school students.

Suggested Uses:

  • Identify and discuss elements of theater production.
  • Analyze elements of performance.
  • Use as an example to inspire students to create their own one-act plays.
  • Have students write a critique of a performance, using the drama criticism guide.
  • Pair with the Marsha Norman excerpt to discuss playwriting and choice of subject matter.

Lesson plans using this resource:

  • Comparing Literary Elements of Drama (6-8)
    Students watch two video excerpts from dramatic performances and compare character development, plot development, conflict, and resolution in the two pieces.
  • Elements of Drama (6-8)
    Students explore plot development and rising action, turning point, and falling action by viewing a short play written and performed by high school students.

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