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Cat and Rat



In this story, the rat loses his tail to the cat in a game of mumblety-peg. Storytellers Tom Bledsoe and Rich Kirby tell this Appalachian tale through the various characters the rat meets as he tries to get his tail back. It is taken from Program 6 of the KET series Telling Tales.

Suggested Uses:

  • Show as an example of cumulative tales and songs, having students identify others they know or create one of their own.
  • Analyze elements of performance or use to demonstrate duo acting, internal rhythm, and the use of repetition.
  • Pair with “The Buzzard and the Monkey” and “Little Deer and Mother Earth” to compare/contrast animal stories from various cultures and traditions.

Lesson plans using this resource:

  • Reading Dramatic Parts (1-3)
    After viewing the story of “The Cat and the Rat,” students will retell the story as a dramatic reading. Students will create characters through vocal expression.

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