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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

Creative Flow



Host Curt Tofteland leads students in activities that encourage them to make believe and explore the flow of creative movement. In the activity “Becoming,” students pretend to be bacon frying, popcorn kernels popping, and balloons filling with and emptying of air. Moses Goldberg and actors from Stage One in Louisville demonstrate how actors might prepare for roles as animals. Then students “Move in the Manner Of” various animals and objects and respond to music with movement.

Suggested Uses:

  • Watch as a guide to leading your students in these or similar exercises.
  • Show one or more exercises to students to try as they watch the video.
  • Show one or more exercises to students as a discussion prompt after they have tried the exercises in the classroom.
  • Use the exercises shown in the segments as a starting point for students to come up with other objects to “become” or “move in the manner of.”

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