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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

Drama Based on History: Gov. Edwin Morrow


This segment opens with a brief explanation of the Chautauqua movement and its history, then transitions to background information on the subject of this performance: Edwin Porch Morrow, governor of Kentucky from 1919 to 1923. In his performance as Morrow, Vic Hellard Jr. speaks colorfully in monologue while “conversing” with his friend and chief political rival, Owsley Stanley. Note: The segment includes extensive references to drinking bourbon, along with the expletives “damn” and “hell.”

Suggested Uses:

  • Show as an example of a monologue.
  • Show and discuss as historical drama. What about history does the viewer learn? Does it seem reliable?
  • Compare to Liz Bussey Fentress’ performance in the Liz’s Circus Story segments. How are the two performances similar and different?
  • Analyze the segment in terms of the elements of drama.
  • Have students choose a figure from history and write a Chautauqua-style monologue.


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