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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

The Great Gilly Hopkins



J. Daniel Herring of Louisville’s Stage One sets up two scenes from a production of The Great Gilly Hopkins with a discussion of acting and how characters must transform in the course of a play. The scenes show the changes in the behavior and feelings of Gilly, a teenage girl, and her foster mother, Maime Trotter. The video excerpt is from the KET professional development series The Arts I: A Content Course for Teachers. The series includes three 90-minute programs designed to enhance teachers’ content knowledge in the arts. The program on drama uses scenes from Stage One productions to demonstrate character development, set production, staging, and directing. The other two programs focus on dance and music, with choreographer and dancer Ann Hoddap exploring diverse dance styles and Phyllis Free exploring musical elements and instrument families. The series is available from KET for $45 per tape.

Suggested Uses:

  • to analyze character development
  • as an introduction to acting
  • to identify and discuss elements of performance and production

Lesson plans using this resource:

  • Character (5-8)
    Students analyze two scenes from The Great Gilly Hopkins and write their own scripts based on a short scene from the novel.
  • Comparing Literary Elements of Drama (6-8)
    Students watch two video excerpts from dramatic performances and compare character development, plot development, conflict, and resolution in the two pieces.

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About The Arts I: A Content Course for Teachers:

  • description
  • Downloadable guide for Program 1, “Drama”
  • Call KET Professional Development at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7271, or e-mail .


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