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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

Introduction to Greek Drama



KET Distance Learning instructor Liz Jewell explains characteristics of Greek drama, including the parts of the stage, the role of the chorus, costumes and set, and the role of drama in Greek life. The excerpt is from the KET Distance Learning series Humanities Through the Arts, a stand-alone class with 67 broadcasts. The series can be used as a full course with a teacher partner or as a resource. The class begins with African and tribal art and then follows a chronological pattern.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use as an introduction to Greek history and culture.
  • Analyze the influences of Greek drama on the development of theater (stage, costumes, masks).
  • Compare/contrast classical drama with modern theater.
  • Use with “Little Jack and Big Jack” to compare/contrast costuming, set, and role of chorus.
  • Use in combination with reading a Greek play.

Lesson plans using this resource:

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See the Introduction to Greek Theater guide in the Drama Arts Toolkit binder.


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