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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

Little Jack and Big Jack



Roadside Theater, from Appalshop in Whitesburg, KY, performs a humorous Appalachian tale about young Jack, who saves his brother, Big Jack, by outwitting a king. The story is performed without set, props, or special costumes. Instead, voices, gestures, and movements carry the action. This excerpt is from KET’s In Performance at the Governor’s Mansion, an annual series showcasing the depth and breadth of outstanding Kentucky artists and arts groups. Featured performers have ranged from Kentucky’s national treasures, such as Rosemary Clooney and Lionel Hampton, to the state’s premier performing arts organizations—from local and regional musical acts in all genres to poets, actors, and young people.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use with other drama performance excerpts to compare/contrast elements of production and performance.
  • Pair with “Introduction to Greek Drama” to compare/contrast the use of chorus and sets.
  • Use as an example of an Appalachian folk tale.
  • Use in conjunction with “Shady Grove” and “The Hound Dog Song” from the KET series Old Music for New Ears and either “Goin’ to Boston” or “Weevily Wheat” from the KET series Dancing Threads to explore how music, dance, and drama help define specific groups and reflect unique histories, situations, and perspectives (Appalachian culture).
  • Present as an example for students creating their own simple dramatizations of familiar tales.
  • Have students analyze and write a critique of a performance, using the drama criticism guide.

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In Performance at the Governor’s Mansion series web site


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