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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips




J. Daniel Herring of Louisville’s Stage One introduces this scene from a theatrical production of Pinocchio, telling viewers to pay particular attention to the costumes. In keeping with the commedia dell’arte style, they are stock costumes in black and white with other items added to distinguish each character. In the scene, Pinocchio discovers that a life of fun and candy can bring some unwanted changes. The video excerpt is from the KET professional development series The Arts I: A Content Course for Teachers. The series includes three 90-minute programs designed to enhance teachers’ content knowledge in the arts. The program on drama uses scenes from Stage One productions to demonstrate character development, set production, staging, and directing. The other two programs focus on dance and music, with choreographer and dancer Ann Hoddap exploring diverse dance styles and Phyllis Free exploring musical elements and instrument families. The series is available from KET for $45 per tape.

Suggested Uses:

  • to identify and discuss elements of performance and production
  • to use with the section on commedia dell’arte from the “History of Theater” segment
  • to compare/contrast with “Little Jack and Big Jack” on the Storytelling Sampler, looking at similarities as well as differences
  • to discuss turning literature into drama

Lesson plans using this resource:

  • Pantomime (K-4)
    Students pantomime a scene from Pinocchio.

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About The Arts I: A Content Course for Teachers:

  • description
  • Downloadable guide for Program 1, “Drama”
  • Call KET Professional Development at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7271, or e-mail .


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