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Arts Toolkit: Drama Video Clips

Two Gals



Storyteller Anndrena Belcher tells the story of two sisters—one kind and considerate, the other lazy and greedy—and their separate adventures in a land they discover at the bottom of their well. In telling the story, Anndrena invites young people in the audience to assume roles and participate in the story. This Appalachian story is from Program 2 of the KET series Telling Tales.

Suggested Uses:

  • Show to demonstrate how young children can be actively involved in telling or reading a story.
  • Discuss life lessons and themes illustrated in the story.
  • Use in conjunction with either “Goin’ to Boston” or “Weevily Wheat” from KET’s Dancing Threads series and Old Music for New Ears programs featuring Appalachian musicians to explore how music, dance, and drama help define specific groups and reflect unique histories, situations, and perspectives.

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