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Wind in the Willows: Toad and His Horse



Characters from the classic Kenneth Grahame children’s story come to life onstage. In this excerpt, Toad, who is always full of crazy ideas, shares his fantasy about having a horse—to various reactions from his forest friends Otter, Mole, and Rat. The excerpt is from the KET production of Stage One’s adaptation of Wind in the Willows. The entire program is 90 minutes long and includes an introductory segment showing how a stage production is captured for television.

Suggested Uses:

  • to explore elements of performance and production
  • to compare/contrast characters
  • to compare/contrast the elements of performance and/or production in one or more performance excerpts—such as either of the Wind in the Willows excerpts with Pinocchio, Frankenstein, Gilly Hopkins, and/or “Little Jack and Big Jack”
  • as a model for taking a scene from literature and transforming it into a dramatic piece

Lesson plans using this resource:

  • Creating Props (K-3)
    Students create a stick horse and role-play selling it to Toad.
  • Creating Costume Vests (K-5)
    Students create paper vests that suit the characters of Mole, Rat, Toad, and Otter. They use science skills to investigate the real-life animals and literary skills to analyze the fictional characters.
  • Comparing Technical Elements (4-8)
    Students compare two dramatic excerpts and plan a production of a folktale, legend, or fable.

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