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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Drama

Other KET Resources

The KET web site includes arts resources in addition to those in the Arts Toolkit. Here are drama-related resources.

KET Arts

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Arts Home
Check daily for highlights from the KET broadcast schedule, arts picks for teachers, and access to KET arts productions and web sites.

KET Drama Broadcasts
Schedule of upcoming drama performances, drama and filmmaking biographies and documentaries, theater presentations, and independent films on KET.

KET Arts and Culture Links
Links to Kentucky and regional drama resources.

KET Arts Events Calendar

Related KET Web Sites


Electronic Field Trip to White Hall
White Hall was the elegant home of Cassius Marcellus Clay, a central figure in 19th-century history and politics. Visitors to White Hall today are guided by actors in period costume who explain the history of both the house itself and the fascinating family who lived there. This field trip includes some highlights of their presentations.

Arts Education

KET Instructional Resources

KET ITV series with drama content include:

  • ¡Arte y Más!
    This Spanish immersion series for primary uses the Kentucky Core Content in the arts and humanities as its subject matter.

These KET video resources feature dramatic adaptations of literature or drama reenactments of history and can be used to analyze elements and purposes of drama:


KET Teacher Guides
These teacher guides accompany KET dramatic productions and can be downloaded in PDF format:

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