No matter where they’re standing on stage, it’s important that the actors be clearly seen and heard. Lighting and sound design are an important part of every production. In this photo you see lighting suspended above the Lexington Children’s Theatre stage. The microphone hanging down is called a stage microphone. Its purpose is to pick up sounds onstage so they can be amplified throughout the auditorium.

(FYI: Stage mics can also be placed on the stage, usually in a stand, but actors have to be careful not to trip over them. Actors also use tiny microphones called body mics, which are attached by a thin wire to a portable battery pack and worn during a performance. An actor can wear the battery pack in a fabric holster around the waist under a costume, with the mic itself taped to the cheek or forehead, where it’s out of the way and can’t be seen by the audience.)

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