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Arts Toolkit: Drama | Will Power


What's so great about Shakespeare? wsWilliam Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon, is widely considered the greatest playwright of the Western world. Though written hundreds of years ago, his plays continue to be read, discussed, performed, and re-interpreted year after year, in high school auditoriums and the great playhouses of the world, in the movies, and in whole festivals devoted just to them. In these pages, we ponder just what gives these works their enduring power, delve into their language with the help of actors who have performed it, and suggest some ways to use "Will Power" to energize your own classroom.


See & Hear
Meet the actors, Kevin Hardesty, Patti Heying, and Joe Gatton, and see what they have to say about Shakespeare and acting. They even hear some advice for young actors.


Student Links
Explore some web sites that will help you understand the plays of Shakespeare, learn about printing in Elizabethan times, play some fun Shakespeare-related games.


For Teachers
See what Shakespeare resources the Drama Arts Toolkit has to offer; check out some links that offer online lesson plans and other Shakespeare information.


Get Out and See Some Plays
Browse through links to various regional Shakespeare performance groups and festivals.

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