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These web sites offer the chance to explore Shakespeare's life, help you to understand his plays, and play some fun games.


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This animated audio and video site, Shakespeare: Subject to Change, explores the idea that editing, printing, acting, and directing can all have an effect on the finished product of a play.

The PBS series, In Search of Shakespeare, is like a detective´s search for information about Shakespeare´s life. The website includes many images, a glossary, and "The Playwright Game."

The BBC also has a web site devoted to In Search of Shakespeare. The site includes articles by the host of the show about Shakespeare and a biography.

This Shakespeare for Kids page is part of Andrews of the Shakespeare Quarterly with famed Shakespearean actor Derek Jacobi has an actor´s perspective on Shakespeare, the language, and interpreting roles.

This site from Lynch Multimedia shows easy-to-understand prose adaptations of several Shakespeare plays alongside the original text; some audio files are also available.

The Shakespeare High site includes Shakespeare 101, a useful student guide with tips for reading and understanding plays.

The BBC web site has information about Shakespeare as part of their section about the Tudors; two articles, The Shakespeare Paper Trail: the Early Years and The Shakespeare Paper Trail: The Later Years, discuss the official documents that do and don't mention Shakespeare. The site also features a biography of Shakespeare and interactive features.

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