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The Drama Arts Toolkit features many Shakespeare resources. teachersIn the Periods & Styles section of the Drama binder you´ll find information about Elizabethan Theater as part of the Drama Timeline, along with the Much Ado About Shakespeare guide. The Kabuki video/DVD includes two segments: Shakespeare Meets Kabuki: Scene Introduction and Scene from Macbeth, Kabuki style. On Performance Excerpts, you will find Shakespeare: Scene from Hamlet and Shakespeare: Scene from Much Ado About Nothing. In the Lesson Plans section of the binder, the following lessons use Shakespeare segments:

  • Presenting a Visual Shakespeare
  • Motivation, Empathy, Discovery
  • Tragedy vs. Comedy

You will also find Shakespeare-related lessons in the Drama lesson plans section of the Arts Toolkit web site.


The Folger Shakespeare Library, located in Washington, D.C., has an extensive web site that includes a "Teacher's Lounge" discussion board, study guides, and many lesson plans.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has a program called Shakespeare in American Communities; the web site includes useful information about Shakespeare's life, Elizabethan theater, and the history of Shakespeare in America. The section of educational materials includes a teacher guide, timeline, and other useful items.

The ArtsEdge web site features a searchable lesson plan database and several Shakespeare-related lessons.

The BBC web site has information about Shakespeare as part of their section about the Tudors; two articles, The Shakespeare Paper Trail: the Early Years and The Shakespeare Paper Trail: The Later Years, discuss the official documents that do and donít mention Shakespeare. The site also features a biography of Shakespeare and interactive features.

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