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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Student Center


Welcome to the Arts Toolkit Student Center. Here you'll find cool features that will enable you to explore facets of the fascinating world of the arts.

This Day in the Arts

this day

Celebrate great achievements in the arts, past and present. Impress your friends with little-known arts trivia. Every day is a great day in the arts.

Careers in the Arts


Meet Kentuckians working in the arts and find out what they do, where they work, how they prepared for their jobs, and why they work in these arts disciplines.

Online Art Galleries

From Stage to Screen

  • Tour of the Theater - Take this photographic tour and explore different types of stages as well as areas onstage, backstage, and in the rest of the house, picking up some key theater terms, technical information, and bits of theater trivia along the way. Then take the quiz and see what you've learned.
  • Will Power - Find out why three Kentucky actors enjoy performing in William Shakespeare's plays and how they prepare for their roles. Bonus: links to cool Shakespeare sites on the web.
  • Liz's Circus Story - Learn how a playwright transformed her one-woman stage play into a television special. You'll meet the playwright and get to read entries in her production diary. You'll read interviews with key production folks, see behind-the-scenes video clips, hear how sound effects improve the production, and get a little career counseling.

Electronic Field Trips


Virtual visits to these Kentucky arts organizations:

For Readers and Writers

Kentucky's literary heritage is nationally recognized and a source of state pride. readers/writersThe following sites, though not in the Arts Toolkit but on the KET web site, are for the budding writer and the lover of literature.

  • Living by Words - Five Kentucky writers, all alumni of the University of Kentucky's Creative Writing Program–Wendell Berry, Bobbie Ann Mason, Ed McClanahan, Gurney Norman, and James Baker Hall–talk about their lives and sources of inspiration and share stories, photographs, and advice.
  • bookclub@ket - The most comprehensive site about Kentucky writers, it includes information about over 80 books, streaming video of bookclub discussions as well as interviews with many of the authors, and more.

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