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Trail of Tears Commemorative Park
and Heritage Center

Christian County

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Summary/About the Location | Teacher’s Guide | Sample Trip Outline

Sample Field Trip Outline

Trail of Tears headstone

The field trip day might include these activities:

  • A brief tour of the museum. Please note that the docents are very enthusiastic and tend to go over their allotted time.
  • Gathering by the graves for a ceremonial dance/walk.
  • Lunch in the picnic area.
  • A reflective writing piece. These papers can then be gathered up and placed on one of the barbecues and burned, so that the students’ thoughts can be shared with the spirits of the Cherokee.
  • Small-group work to prepare for presentations of scenes begun in the classroom. Depending on how much time has been spent on these, students may bring costume pieces and small props to the park with them to enhance their presentations. Examples of stories that can be acted out include “Two Bad Boys,” “Why the Possum’s Tail Is Bare,” the tale of a brave woman’s sacrifice to save a child, and the legend of the Cherokee Rose.
  • Making a dreamcatcher. Students can work in small groups with a selection of inexpensive craft items (beads, colored string, feathers) and sticks of wood found at the site.

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