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Arts Toolkit: Music

Kentuckians in Music

In the spring of 2010, Lorne Dechtenberg, a music student at the University of Kentucky, was hard at work preparing for the performance of his latest composition, The Honeymoon Symphony. Though Dechtenberg had already written and performed many orchestral works, this symphony held a particular importance for the young composer—it served as the final, major work to complete his doctorate in music at UK.

Dechtenberg conducting

Composer at Work: Lorne Dechtenberg and the Honeymoon Symphony, a four-part series of video segments produced by KET, follows the course of a musician’s creative journey, beginning with gathering the first musical ideas that will become the foundation of the symphony. The series culminates in a performance at the UK Singletary Center for the Arts in Lexington.

Dechtenberg discusses his creative space and process, and provides keen insight into the qualities he believes one needs in order to pursue a career in music. Speaking from his own experiences, he muses on what a prospective musician, music student, and/or composer might expect from working in the world of music.

Dechtenberg conducting

The four-part series is accompanied by three additional video segments that feature the final performance of the symphony in its entirety, in three movements: “Two Become One,” “Sunset on the Beach,” and “Party ‘Til Dawn.”


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writing music

Part 1 - Writing the Symphony

This segment shows composer Lorne Dechtenberg working in his home studio to create The Honeymoon Symphony. Between sketching out the music on paper and his piano, he discusses his personal creative methods as well as the origins of the symphony.



Part 2 - The Rehearsal Process

This segment shows the first rehearsal of Lorne Dechtenberg’s Honeymoon Symphony. While Dechtenberg leads the Lexington Community Orchestra through the first movement of the symphony, making corrections and suggesting different approaches to the music along the way, he discusses what he hopes to accomplish through the rehearsal process.

dress rehearsal

Part 3 - The Dress Rehearsal

This segment shows the dress rehearsal of Lorne Dechtenberg’s Honeymoon Symphony. As Dechtenberg and the Lexington Community Orchestra prepare for the performance of Honeymoon Symphony, the composer makes some final corrections to the second movement and offers further guidance concerning the general energy of the music.

the performance

Part 4 - The Performance

This segment shows the performance of Lorne Dechtenberg’s Honeymoon Symphony. While Dechtenberg conducts the Lexington Community Orchestra’s performance of the third movement, he discusses his passion for music and examines some important factors one should consider regarding a career in music.

Movement 1 - Two Become One

Movement 2 - Sunset on the Beach

Movement 3 - Party 'Til Dawn

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