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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Special Features

Visual Arts Special Features

Tour online galleries, meets artists and craftspeople, and enjoy other special features devoted to the visual arts. Check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Kentuckians in Visual Arts
painting Kentucky visual arts professionals explain what they do and why. Use this feature with students to identify skills and training requirements and to inspire interest in the many careers associated with the visual arts as well as in arts education and administration.

Online Galleries
painting Tour the Kentucky Virtual Art Museum Online as well as galleries associated with other KET program web sites, where you’ll find additional information and classroom ideas related to the art and artists featured in these galleries. Here’s the current list of KET online galleries:

World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways
wooo The Visual Arts Toolkit includes segments about traditional artists from this series. Visit the series web site for more information about Kentucky folk crafts, culture, and traditions.

Art On-Air
In this 12-part series, Kentucky Arts Council artists-in-residence show students how to express themselves in a variety of art projects, from drawing to cut-paper collage to sculpture to cartography. Several Visual Arts Toolkit video segments are drawn from this series. Visit the web site for step-by-step instructions for all the projects as well as other information including a student gallery.

Primary Glossary
Check out the Visual Arts Glossary in the toolkit for PDFs of the Primary Glossary. Use these to build a vocabulary word wall in your classroom.

This Day in the Arts
Find out what happened any day of the year in all the art forms.

Multi-Arts Tools
Be sure to visit this section for more tools for arts-based education, including ideas for some Fabulous Field Trips

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