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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Handout

Multiple-Choice Questions

The Challenge of Painting Realistically

You have watched videos of four painters discussing how they work and the challenges they face.

  1. Realistic painting can best be defined as artwork that
    1. depicts landscapes, portraits, or still-life subjects.
    2. attempts a photographic likeness of the subject matter.
    3. is an exact depiction of reality.
    4. uses common objects or real people as subject matter.

  2. The two landscape painters in the video share a similar process for beginning a painting. It includes
    1. outlining the subjects as exactly as possible and then painting in the details.
    2. taking photographs of all aspects of the landscape they want to paint.
    3. starting with a loose underpainting and then layering in the color and paint.
    4. making a lot of rough sketches and then painting over the one they like best.

  3. The landscape painter who puts his painting away when the season changes is talking about the challenge of
    1. dealing with the way the light changes with the seasons.
    2. painting with such exactness that it takes a very long time.
    3. not being satisfied with his depiction of the subject matter.
    4. painting the same scene in different seasons.

  4. The painter who paints self-portraits faces challenges that she says include
    1. the need to have lots of photos of herself around.
    2. making each self-portrait different from the other.
    3. how to make the viewer feel she is attractive.
    4. how to make the viewer like her.

  5. The painter who paints still lifes uses a grid as a tool to
    1. map out what he’s going to place where on his canvas.
    2. make sure the shape he’s drawing is the same proportion as it will be in the finished painting.
    3. help him decide which colors and textures he wants to use.
    4. make him see clearly and keep practicing getting his drawing right.


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