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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Handout

Multiple-Choice Questions

The Art and Science of Glass

  1. Glassblowers do work that requires
    1. little knowledge of the properties of glass.
    2. an ability to work in cold temperatures.
    3. several people and excellent teamwork.
    4. few safety precautions.

  2. Stephen Rolfe Powell’s glasswork is an example of
    1. two-dimensional media made with color applied to glass.
    2. three-dimensional media that results in beaded necklaces.
    3. two-dimensional stained glass panels.
    4. three-dimensional blown glass with bead designs.

  3. The process of making glass creations includes
    1. heating the glass to a molten state for shaping and mixing.
    2. using ice to mold the liquid.
    3. shaping the hot glass by hand as a potter.
    4. using carving tools to shape in the molten state.

  4. Three basic substances in manufactured glass are
    1. obsidian, calcium carbonate, and silica.
    2. obsidian, sodium nitrate, and silica.
    3. silica, soda, and lime.
    4. silica, calcium, and sodium.

  5. Stephen Rolfe Powell says his work is about
    1. creating work that tells a story as narrative art.
    2. creating functional art, pieces useful for everyday life.
    3. creating ceremonial art for use in celebration.
    4. artistic expression and creating beautiful pieces.


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